SQL Programming Introduction

Databases are used in all day to day routines in storing and gathering information.  For example you might write a shopping list on your mobile phone app, or you might go on the internet and book a cinema ticket to watch a film, these have a hidden database behind that website with all the information you might need to complete the routine and get additional information sent back to you.

SQL (Structured Query Language) in my experience seems to be the most common database or language used when databases are involved.  All my jobs in the past in IT have had a SQL database involved somewhere.

For anyone who wants to start down the line of database language SQL is a good place to start.  You can read more about what SQL is about by clicking on the hyperlinks i have on the key words within this website.  Just be aware there are about 10 versions of SQL language out there but they all relate around each other.  SQL language allows you to navigate around the database, create, delete, modify, view etc. all sorts of information.

I attended a course in London in April 2014 on SQL Programming Introduction by a company called “Learning Tree International“.  If you can attend any of their courses i would recommend this company.  Their facilities, course material, and tutors are exceptional.  The tutors are real business people who do the training as a second job to their own.

I paid for the course I took which was close to £2,000 for 3 days, which gives you a build up to a certification in the subject you take.  I now give you that course notes and database scripts to practice on for free by these following links and explanations plus how to install a Microsoft SQLServer Express 2012 (Express is a lighter and free version of SQLServer) in which the course was written for.  However I cannot see a problem with using higher versions of SQL to do the same course, but try if possible with 2012.

  • Course notes documents can be accessed here
  • Exercises and Answers are accessed here
  • Exercise & Database Creation SQL Scripts to execute into Microsoft SQLServer 2012 can be downloaded here
  • Course Example Answers SQL Scripts are here
  • Course SQL Script Solutions/Answers are here


Do not have SQLServer 2012 Express?

Download it here, select your language (try to keep it in English as that will be the preferred Microsoft language in these blogs), press “SELECT” and then click on tick box on download link “ENU\x64\SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe” and press “NEXT”, to get everything you need to install. Download of approx 1.3GB with start. Could take around 10-60 mins to download depending on your internet speed.

In the next blog I will discuss how to install this SQLServer 2012 Express version step by step.



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