How to Install SQLServer Express 2012

Microsoft kindly offers express versions of SQLServer.  You can choose from 2008, 200R2, 2012, 2014 and now 2016 versions.  All of these are not full licenced versions and do have limitations for example the size of database you can use on them is limited to 4GB and there is no automatic backup of database facility on them.  But 4GB is still good enough for a lot of applications to work on them.  I used to use SQLServer Express 2008R2 on most of my Kardex Powerpick Global installations if the customer did not have a full SQLServer of their own.

In my last blog i mentioned where to download a Microsoft Express version of SQL. I would suggest you always download direct from Microsoft for all versions that you want to make sure you get the latest versions of whatever year you need and also to make sure they are not missing anything and are supported by Microsoft.  Below is the link to download MSSQLExpress 2012 for 64bit PC.  There is also the 32bit version in this link but all new PCs bought in the past 5 years are 64bit (32 bit link is ENU\x86\SQLEXPRADV_x86_ENU.exe).  If you want to know what version of PC you have just do the following:

Find your “This PC” or “My Computer” on your desktop, right click on it and select “Properties”, you will see the 64 or 32 bit mentioned there.


If you need a different year version than 2012 in the future then type into a search engine for “Microsoft SQL Express server 20..”  And look for the link with the option “Advanced tools” as you do need at least to have with the SQL server a “Studio” interface so you can interact with the SQL Server.  I will talk about the “Microsoft Studio” later in this blog.

Do not have SQLServer 2012 Express?
Download it here, select your language (try to keep it in English as that will be the preferred Microsoft language in these blogs), press “SELECT” and then click on tick box on download link “ENU\x64\SQLEXPRADV_x64_ENU.exe” and press “NEXT”, to get everything you need to install. Download of approx 1.3GB with start. Could take around 10-60 mins to download depending on your internet speed.

Once you have the download the SQL program, run the executable and you should see a screen like this in 2-3 minutes (be patient when installing this program as every step takes time).

First you will get the install screen asking if you want to install a new or upgrade to.  You select install a new.

Then the license agreement, so select i agree and press next.

Then the software will look for updates to install as well.  Just press next.

Now the software unpacks all the setup files it needs.

Make sure all the features are selected especially Management tools (includes Management Studio mentioned in paragraph above). Please note that there are other features like where you want to install the program but for this exercise just keep all standard except for what I mention.  You can “select all” or “unselect all” but make sure all are selected and then press Next.

Because I have many versions of SQLServer on my PC, I like to name each one with an “Instance” so I know which SQLServer and database belongs to which Version.  Please do the same as practice (the Instance ID will automatically update once you type into named instance and click away) and then press Next.

You can add passwords to the Services of SQL but i just press Next without changing.

This is a very important section and I would suggest you select “Mix Mode” which allows you to add more security to the database and some applications require this mode.  If you leave it on Microsoft Authentication then anyone can access the database. You MUST remember the password that you set for the “SA” account.  This is the SQLServer FULL administration password with all rights to all of SQLServer. Write it down and do not lose it.  If you do lose it then you have to reinstall the whole of this SQLServer again which would be a nightmare if you are using it for live data to a system.  Password should have at least 1 capital letter, a symbol and a set of numbers, example mpxB@tch01

Once this is all done select Next.

Finally I always set this option to the end of the setup as it opens the database to other options i may want later for example report services etc.  Set and press Next.

Just press Next on this option.

Now Install begins, so be patient and wait.  This can take up to around 30 mins depending on the speed of your PC.

You should now end up with a screen like this and then just press Close.

Microsoft SQLServer 2012 Express is now installed and ready to use.

In the next blog i will discuss how to use Microsoft SQLServer2012 Studio Manager and with SQL Server 2012 Express with your SQL Programming Course.


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