Install Oracle 11g Express for Free

Normally SQL or Oracle database require expensive licenses to run the full version. However many people who are new to databases are unaware that you are able to get free licensed express versions of the database servers, which have limitations but are still able to run most essential functionalities for a database server.

There are SQL express versions mentioned in previous blogs on this website and in this blog we cover the free Oracle 11g express version that you can download and install.

Download Oracle 11g express

Before you start download Oracle 11g express from the official Oracle webpage.  Link is here.


Select the option for 32 or 64 bit install and follow instruction.  PC/Servers now are normally 64 bit if you unsure of your system.

If you want to know what version of PC you have just do the following:

Find your “This PC” or “My Computer” on your desktop, right click on it and select “Properties”, you will see the 64 or 32 bit mentioned there.


Follow instruction and download your installation files to a easy accessible location on your PC/Server so you can run it straight after downloading when you are ready.

Suggestion is to download the installation guide below before attempting to install as Oracle 11g is very different to the SQL express install and other applications with a number of questions to understand and answer while you are installing.

Installation Guide:

Once you have the downloaded the Oracle 11g express version onto your PC/Server, you can download from this websites FREE courses download page the guide on how to install Oracle 11g express onto your server/PC.  The link is below.

oracle_database   Oracle 11g Express installation guide

A step by step to install Oracle 11g database Express edition guide

There are other Free course guides to help you with Oracle which you can download from this websites download page under “Database” category.

Link is here for download page.

Good luck and enjoy your learning.

Additional Software required and recommended

Oracle 11g express will require a manager software (like SQL server management studio) to manage and query the Oracle databases that you use/create.

I recommend a free software (not trial) like the following:

EMS SQL Manager for Oracle Freeware” (do not choose trial version)

Download link is here

The download link above is for a zipped file which you will need to unzip once you download.

To unzip you can use Free license versions of software like 7zip, winRAR or WinZip.  These compressing applications are very useful for transporting files across networks or onto pen drives as less storage is used when they are zipped.  These applications can be downloaded from same link below on and just type their names to find them.

This can also be downloaded from

There are other management software like “Toad for Oracle” which you can use instead but they require a license and cost to use.


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