Other Recommended Learning Sites

Other Free IT learning sites I would recommend if you want to learn:

First check-out the courses I provide on my FREE PDF Learning Courses on this webpage.  Click on menu link at the top of this webpage.  If you need other courses added to this site then please contact me to have them added.

Below are other learning sites that have helped me create this website and also given me knowledge when using the internet and other applications.


Programming Code

Internet Safety

Microsoft Learning Academy Portal

Programming Code:


This site requires you to signup to their courses with your email address. Not sure if you will start to get a lot of junk email, so I would suggest you create a new free web email account like outlook.com or live.com or yahoo.com and then sign up with that email account, so at least you do not have to spend lots of time in the future blocking junk mail in your normal email account.


This website was very useful to me when i created this website.  I recommend this site to help you as a reference guide for your future programming help.  Does not require a email account signup to use it.

Internet Safety


People are always nowadays interested on how to make themselves safe when using the computer on the internet.  This recommended site gives you courses on internet safety including – privacy basics, virus protection, browsing internet, malware protection, installing updates and other software.

Microsoft Learning Academy Portal


Since working at Microsoft, I found this learning portal to be one of the most useful learning websites for all sorts of technology I needed to learn for my job and for my own personal use.  It is a FREE website outside the Microsoft corporation to anyone who wants to learn.  It contains learning for all levels i.e. Beginners to Developers and Technologies from Microsoft i.e. Azure, Web Design/Programming, using/developing databases, Windows 10 etc.. and are taught by the Microsoft and partner professionals that I work with day to day.

In the website you choose your level of knowledge and the technology you want to learn. You can even search for a technology in the search window of the website.  You DO NOT have to sign up with email, just press continue without signup if prompted.

If you want to know how to learn a Microsoft Technology? Then go have a look at this website, it is well worth it.

Comedy Scenes from the IT world….. Enjoy

If you know the past 22 years with windows PCs then you will enjoy this comedy parody of “The Matrix”.  This is all based on windows from 95, 98, Win2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10…. enjoy the movie.

We are not all like this in IT.  Most of us in IT, DO! care about our customers and want to do a good job, but this is a very funny scene below.  One Slob who does not care and the other one too much information and too techie to the customer

I thought of my folks trying to get help from IT support when i saw this video below, maybe you can relate to this with your parents

This Comedy Sketch below reminds me of some of my previous jobs, when some particular Sales people use to put me in a meeting room for Technical Sales Support with customers and tried to sell products or solution to them.  Then tried to put me on the spot with the customer to push their ideas forward, which I knew was not possible or out of software scope. I used to think, “am I the only one in reality on what a product could actually do and not sell something that was impossible or far out of the budget of the customer’s price range”.  How I miss those days…… NOT!


This never happens on a support desk in my work at Microsoft

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