My name is Jason Stock and I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Support Engineer working for Microsoft.

I got asked many times over the years how I got to work in IT and how someone else who is interested in doing the same, can do it.  After answering this question several times, I decided to write this website so that if I was asked again I could just point these people in this direction.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations?

This website is being written also to give a database of knowledge and links to useful resources that might help someone else gain a few tips and extra knowledge on what field of IT (Information Technology) they would like to pursue in the future.  For example I started off with learning how to program, but ended up spending most of my IT working career in Databases. Now I specialise in Dynamics 365 for operations integration and data entities, whilst supporting customers and partners in other IT issues including security, networking, printing and any other problem that might occur within the Microsoft Dynamics world.

Hopefully this blog will help you choose your specialize path in which you want to progress into the world of IT.
You can view all my job experiences from company links on bottom of this website and read and interact with all the blogs I leave for your learning and reference.

You can leave me messages or just “likes” at the bottom of each blog if you like what I am writing.
You can also sign up to “” to follow the website or just simply follow my Twitter account by clicking on right hand side bar of this website on the Twitter feeds to follow updates through Twitter.

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Enjoy the rest of the Blog….


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