July 2001 – June 2007

Hospitality EPoS systems Ltd was a privately own small business but was in big competition with Micros Fidelio, selling to similar companies in Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Pubs and anything else who sold food or drink. Their biggest customer was Nandos chain of restaurants. while i was working there with Hospitality we were helping to open a lot of the time 2 or even 3 Nandos restaurants a week.


I joined Hospitality EPoS systems Ltd in July 2001, and up to now was my biggest learning experience in IT. While I was working for Hospitality, I learned training techniques to all sorts of customers, PC configuration, hardware repair, networking, remote control software, 24/7 support, Access and SQL databases, and of course Panasonic and their PC based EPoS software Aloha. I was never interesed in the Panasonic EProm side but more on the PC based Aloha systems. I thirst for knowledge and was taken under the wing on my manager and Sales Director who was teaching all their experiences and knowledge. I also used to get alot of experience with sales and customers when i was taken 2 times a year to work on their show stands at Earls Court or the NEC in Birmingham.

Demo of the Aloha EPoS TableService Terminal Side:

I used to love my job, except for those damn 24 hour/2 week after hour support days we had to do in turn. I am sure this was breaking the law, working all day in the office or at customer site and then after 5pm you would have to take the customer support calls all through the night and weekends and then be back at work at 9am in the morning. It was shattering for myself and caused me alot of stress. Did not seem to cause others the same or they just bullshit and made out it never did. I just did not like unhappy customers or systems that were not working, so i used to travel out at night to fix what i could not over the telephone.

Hospitality EPoS systems Ltd no longer exists, and was bought by the company Radiant systems which owned Aloha software from the original owner John Bloomer. John was given no choice as Radiant would have gone to a competitor of Hopsitality next, bought them instead and eventually run Hospitality out of business. Radiant wanted to close Aloha support in Europe and use Hospitality as its Europe support for Aloha. Hospitality had been the best seller of Aloha systems outside the USA for a number of years and Radiant wanted to give them the first chance of the offer before going to another company. They kept John for 6 months as an adviser and re-branded Hospitality Ltd into Radiant. Eventually Radiant was bought by NCR and Hospitality again was now re-branded to NCR support for EPoS Europe. But I had left the company before all this happened and moved onto Kardex systems UK (Kardex Remstar).

Here are pictures of some of the guys I used to work with. Sorry for some of the photos as they did not want their photo taken at the time.

John (Managing Director and Owner)


Jack (Tech Manager)

Geoff (Sales Director)







This was a video created by Jason Stock (number one) during one of the nights out with the company sales team after a hard night of drinking, eating, talking and laughing. Enjoy …..

This is my dedication to Nandos which was my favourite restaurant company I eat at while I was working for Hospitality EPoS systems. If I had the money I would open my own Franchise of this company in the country I am in now….. it would be very popular here. I only hope that Nandos comes to the country I am living in soon, as I do miss it.


this webpage is new and being worked on now. Keep returning to see updates on this page……


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