The History of Microsoft 

Founded in a garage by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, over the last four decades Microsoft has become a vast multinational corporation. Its diverse business focuses on personal computers, computer software, and electronics, although recent years have also seen Microsoft enter the cloud computing market.

Microsoft employ over 114,000 employees to date.



Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft


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Careers at Microsoft

My Experience working for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

My Experience working for Microsoft Dynamics Retail

Dynamics 365 Documentation

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX build numbers

Lifecycle Services – What is it?

Microsoft Azure

Did you know?

Internet Security and Privacy

Careers at Microsoft

Dynamics Support Engineers Required (posted 27th July 2017)

Microsoft are heavily recruiting support engineers to join the Dynamics teams in Romania and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).

Click on link below to see recent jobs available now:

Dynamics AX2012/365 for Operations Tech
Dynamics AX2012/365 for Operations Tech,  for Support Engineers in Bucharest, Romania. Keep looking at this webpage for more postings.

Click here to see the Microsoft job search page and find a Microsoft job near you.

My Experience working for Microsoft

December 2016 – June 2017


I never could believe that i would ever work for this IT company.  This is the largest corporate, most well known, world wide, IT company, I have every worked for.

I got this job by just randomly picking a number of jobs on and applying with my C.V.

Funny enough with this job, I did not really given it much thought when i applied for it. I just felt I could do it, as I had some experience in most of the requirements for the job, except the experience with Dynamics AX which I was missing.

I got a telephone interview which I felt very happy with and liked how the interviewer came across to me and made me comfortable.  I then did not hear anything from Microsoft for a number of weeks.  Then all of a sudden I was called to say I had a second interview at their Head Office in the city.  During this second interview I was really given the impression I did not have the experience they were looking for and felt I had lost a chance with the job…. However a month later I was called to say I had got the job and was able to start in a couple of weeks.  I was so happy and could not believe my luck.

This is a lesson for everyone…… never think you do not have enough skills for a job.  Always go into an interview positive and if there is something you do not have experience in, try to find a positive to something that compensates for that lack of experience.  In my case it was my 15 years of customer support over my inexperience with Dynamics AX.

I have now been working for Microsoft in their Dynamics 365 for Operations Tech Team for over 5 months now.  There has been stressful times but when I look back I am still  enjoying the job.  There has been a lot to learn as I had no experience with the Dynamics product, but Microsoft took a chance on me with my 15 years customer support experience and so far I believe they have been pleased with my progress in such a short time.

My “On-boarding” (what Microsoft call the training when you first start working for them) in the first month was a lot to learn, but the resources and training (online and classroom) was the best I have ever had compared to my past IT jobs.  Everyone who works for Microsoft are very friendly and helpful to you during work time and even moving around the building.  I could not get over how helpful  people were in my first few months.  This is something I had not seen in such a huge company for a long time.  Most corporate companies, even some small family run companies, you always felt an outsider or just a number.  Microsoft you fell like one of the team…. which you are.

At Microsoft we are taught to be helpful to each other and to work as a team, and not as an individual.  To work as one unit.

I just love the company’s mission statement – “Empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.  This is exactly how I felt inside within the company as well from the friendly and helpfulness of everyone.  This in turn makes me feel the same to my customers to help them the best I can to achieve more.

In my short time at Microsoft I have met and made friends with some really nice work colleagues who have made my transition to a full time customer support engineer in the Dynamics team, so much easier.  I feel very happy to go to the office every day to work with these guys.  The job can be stressful, but when you work with a great team in my office and the rest of the team around the world who are helpful and friendly, it does make the job easier to deal with.  Also, you do get to know the customers, and most of them are friendly as well, especially when they have worked with you on cases before and know that you can do a good job for them.  Its always nice when you build a good relationship with customers and you want to give them a good, professional experience with of cause a quick fix to their issues in the end.

My own technical team work collegues for “Dynamics 365 for Operations” are located all around the world, so Skype for Business and Outlook are heavily used for quick texting or short meetings, which makes it feel like everyone is in the same room and you never feel the distance between any of them.

Working inside the Microsoft corporation is a very interesting one and the training is endless as their products are continuously being improved for customer requirements in Business and Personal use.  Within the Customer support environment that I work in, I am using many Microsoft tools and knowledge (some of which I had never heard of or used before), which has opened my eyes up to the technology that is available. I have been able to use all this knowledge in my own personal life as well as business to help me day to day.  Learning how to create this website and the teaching in it was a few of them.

There are also a lot of perks to working for Microsoft, for myself and family as well, which makes the job even more of an enjoyable experience.

Being able to have a free breakfast in the morning at the office, with free drinks, some nice kitchens with many facilities, some recreational rooms with american pool, table tennis, darts and even an X-box helps to make breaks from the job enjoyable.

The potential to move around within the company, opportunities to learn different skills and technology within Microsoft is endless, which is what I like.  I do not think I will ever get bored working for this company, which makes me believe I will not ever want to leave.

Microsoft also hire students straight from university directly into their company and train them up to work for them.  These are referred to as “Microsoft Interns”

I will just remark at the end of this webpage, that I did apply for jobs with DELL, Oracle, Ubisoft etc.  But after talking with work colleagues who had worked for these companies, I believe I made the right choice by working for the best company in the end….. new-microsoft-logo

My move to Dynamics Retail

May 2017 – Present



I now have been working in Microsoft Dynamics for Retail since May 2017, with the help of my 7 years experience as an EPoS engineer, 10 years as a software engineer in warehousing solutions and 7 years working in Retail stores, with a drive to continue learning more.

As a Dynamics Retail front line customer support engineer, it is a demanding and sometimes stressful area to work in, but i am enjoying it so far.  I work with a great team of people in MS Dynamics Retail and have a variety of different, but nice customers which i communicate with online and over Skype.  Over the past months I have gained a lot of knowledge and focused on learning more in certain areas in Retail Tech so i can give faster, knowledgeable help to my customers and team members.  I hope to continue my learning career with Microsoft Dynamics for many years to come.

There are solutions for On-Premise AX 2012 and now Online with Dynamics 365.

This year Microsoft continue its strong presence in NFR and announced a set of new capabilities and enhancements of Dynamics 365 for Retail that help our customers by innovating new ways to digital transform their Retail Business


Dynamics 365 Documentation


Getting Started with Dynamics 365, Enterprise edition applications, Add-in solutions and apps, Integrate / customise /develop

Dynamics 365 Documentation

Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX build numbers


To view the latest updates and build number including the product expiry

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations builds

Lifecycle Services – What is it?


All about Microsoft Lifecycle Services – Microsoft Lifecycle Services is used with Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Azure


What can you do with Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses Microsoft Azure

Did you know?

Have you ever wondered what the “Cloud” really is where you store all your phone and computer data?

Below are pictures of what is known as the cloud.

How they work is that water is pumped through each container to keep the inside cool from the heat of the server blades running inside.  Each container is plugged into an electrical supply for power and network cable for data transfer from outside and to link to other containers.  When a percentage of server blades fail inside a container, a new Container is shipped into the data center, plugged into existing network, water supply and given power.  Failed container is disposed of like a dead battery.  The old failed container full of servers has already been backed up, so it is not needed anymore.  Each container is worth thousands and thousands of dollars each, but customers who use them are paying for them as a service and this covers the cost of them being thrown away.

The data centers are a highly secure set of locations dotted around the world, and engineers/employees who physically look after the data centers will rarely if ever go inside these containers because of security and very unnecessary because if anything fails the containers are just backed-up, removed, destroyed and replaced with a fully functional new container.

Cloud Server Containers

Inside Container

Internet Security and Privacy

Published on May 24, 2017

Every organisation is impacted by the recent increased focus on data privacy rights. Microsoft has long been champion of individuals’ privacy rights and views the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as an important step forward in clarifying and enabling individual data privacy rights.



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